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Lemon Square Bars

lemon square bars

Lemon bars are such a perfect spring and summer treat that it’s no surprise that they seem to be lusciously trendy right now. Here in New Hampshire, a wonderful place to get some fresh, homemade lemon bars is the Black Forest Cafe in Amherst. They make them perfectly. The texture, and blend of sweet and...

New Spring Menu Items from The Black Forest Cafe

The Black Forest Cafe | Spring Shortbread Cookies

I’m always so happy to work with Martha and Bruce at Amherst’s landmark The Black Forest Cafe. I’ve had the privilege of doing much of their food photography for the past three years, and I think we have our system down to a science. Still, they never cease to amaze me with their great ideas, organization, marketing schedule, foresight,...

Kind Words | Client Testimonial

“As co-owner of The Black Forest Café in Amherst, New Hampshire, I can recommend Erika Follansbee unequivocally as a photographer. She has provided many photographs of our baked goods and menu items. In addition, she has taken shots of our interior spaces for our website, and lately taken a great photo of one of our...


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