New Spring Menu Items from The Black Forest Cafe

I’m always so happy to work with Martha and Bruce at Amherst’s landmark The Black Forest Cafe. I’ve had the privilege of doing much of their food photography for the past three years, and I think we have our system down to a science. Still, they never cease to amaze me with their great ideas, organization, marketing schedule, foresight, and consistently high quality and innovative menu items. You just don’t stay in successful business for 20+ years without mastering all of these things, and they have got it going ON.

From left to right: Brisket Sliders, Cuban Sandwich, Mermaid Salad, and Soup with Homemade Crackers (the Cuban smelled amazing.) You’ll be seeing some of these in upcoming monthly ads in New Hampshire Magazine!

Black Forest Cafe | Professional Food Photography

A bit of dessert with the BFC’s famous shortbread cookies which have won “NH’s Best Cookie” from Best of NH  for years and years and years.  You simply won’t find a better shortbread cookie anywhere.

And lastly, a little fun on my part…. the BFC has a wonderfully clean and colorful style that shines through in their food photos. For a little change of pace, I thought I’d rock my recent interest in food styling with some goodies they sent home with me by shooting them in my darker, rustic style that I favor when I shoot at home. These shots are of their “Blueberry Puffs” which are decadent muffin-shaped delights that are anything but harmless little muffins. They have their own cult following at the BFC.

Black Forest Cafe | Erika Follansbee Photography

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48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045