Updated Restaurant Website Photography | NH Commercial Photography

I recently had the pleasure of shooting some updated photos for the Black Forest Cafe. This time, it wasn’t new seasonal menu items, it was actually photos of the interior of the restaurant featuring their function room space, and the new Wifi Spot. I have to give big kudos to the owner Martha and the function manager, Dean, for being so prepared and organized. Martha had a wonderful idea to stage the room in several different scenarios/seasonal looks so that I could shoot some photos for them to use throughout the year. I call this AWESOME PLANNING and effective time management. They had different colored napkins and table accessories all laid out and ready to go, ready to be switched out in a matter of minutes as I shot the different table looks. In a few quick seamless transitions, they rocked out a Christmas look, a baby shower look, a business luncheon look, a normal multi-purpose look, a breakfast buffet, and even after all that we squeezed in some shots of the WiFi Spot, the dining room, and marketplace. Whew!

I love efficiency, and I’m always so pleased when good planning pays off with great productivity.  I know these photos will suit them well over the next few months and into the future as they’re able to provide potential customers across the country with images of their function space, to give an idea of the beautiful work that they do, tailored to any holiday or occasion.

Below we have the main dining room, the function space in Christmas settings, and the Wifi Spot (which I fully intend to enjoy someday quietly with my iPhone and a scone, and a piece of pie, a cupcake ….and maybe a cookie too if it’s been a particularly rough day.)

Small businesses, do you need some fabulous new and updated photos for your website?  Keep in mind I’m still running a great deal on a mini commercial photo package.


48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045