Spring Menu at the Black Forest Cafe | NH Food Photography

So the calendar marches on, even though the weather can’t seem to keep up.  It is apparently spring, according to the month! Somewhere, right? It’s definitely slow to come to New Hampshire and we are ready.  I had a blast shooting The Black Forest Cafe’s new springtime offerings and I was so inspired by the beautiful colors: the pastels of the babycakes, the earth tones of hearty beef bourguignon, and brilliant jewel hues of fresh berry tarts and strawberry rhubarb pie. Ahhhhh.

Not to mention some fantastic new breakfast sandwiches which are right up my alley. I’m not someone who can eat a bowl of cereal for breakfast because I’ll be shaking and dizzy in about 2 hours flat.  I need the heaviest, most filling protein bomb I can get my hands on to get me through my morning workouts, and these sandwiches kept me going for  hours. Impressive!

And a quick note regarding behind-the-scenes: I used my new tripod for about half of the shots in this project. I’m not really enjoying working it with it……  more than two or three times I ripped my camera off the tripod in exasperation (thank God for a quick-release head) and took matters literally into my own hands.   It’s just not how I work to stand there and tweak every little movement minutely. I like to work fast, and fluidly, and organically and just move my whole body as I look for the right angles and the right light.  So I’m finding the tripod to be really constrictive and slowing  me down. Although I definitely see the benefits of it and will continue to try to get to know it better and make it fit into my style of shooting.

Also, I can’t even tell you the perils of shooting around little kids. It’s a whole different level of crazy when my “studio” is right in my living room. We drag the kitchen table over into the living room next to the window and I have dishes and platters and napkins (freshly ironed) all stashed anywhere that’s out of reach of little toddler hands. And then of course I can’t leave the camera on the tripod unsupervised for any length of time. I have visions of……CRAAAAAASH!  One funny thing that happened that I did NOT plan for was this one time when I had finished up shooting the strawberry rhubarb pie and I left it on the table in the window and took Parker outside to play for a little while.  Standing outside in the driveway, I look up in the window and there is one of my cats chowing down on the PIE. Seriously??? Since when does this cat like fruit pie???? She was mad, too, when I ran inside to grab it away from her.

My son Drew always likes the look of the cookies.  This time he kept going after the box of cookies and asked to have one. I kept telling him he could have one after I took pictures of it.  So he ran off, got his little camera, came back and opened the lid and took 2 photos, and said “Eat?”  He said that the sheep ones were his favorite. 🙂

You can check out even more spring menu shots at The Black Forest Cafe Easter Holiday page!


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