Views from the Sushi-Cam | Chen’s Garden

I confess that I’m in my 34th year on this planet and I’ve never tried sushi. But lately for some reason I’ve felt the overwhelming compulsion to give it a whirl, especially when I consider that so many people I know do enjoy it. What am I missing?  I’m definitely a heavily sauced and cheesy kind of Mexican food girl, so the thought of swanky low-fat veggie-and-fish-laden sushi never appealed to me much (what can I say?).  I could never deny how beautiful it is, though!

My friend Candy volunteered to indoctrinate me into the ways of sushi, so we met tonight at Chen’s in Manchester. I admit I was not really feeling up to it, being on Day 4 of the residual effects of a stomach bug that has decimated my entire family. I thought this whole adventure might have some unfortunate consequences, but I decided to power through anyway.

Mai Tai and Lo Mein at Chen's Garden

My foray into sushi started with the nice & safe California roll! It was beautiful, I have to admit. But it was not for me. Unfortunately I did not like it much, but I gave it an honest try and ate two pieces out of my order. I could have seriously stopped at just one though.  Candy had been wise enough to suggest that I order something Chinese as well for a backup plan. Good thing she did! So I enjoyed my pork lo mein and Mai Tai and didn’t have to go hungry. 🙂

California Roll from Chen's Garden Manchester NH

california roll Chen's Garden sushi restaurant


Regardless of what we ate (or didn’t), it was a wonderful night out with my friend Candy and I hope we can do it again soon. 🙂  It’s nice to go out with an adult and enjoy some quiet time.



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