Queen City Cupcakes | NH Food Photographer

On this particular day that my son didn’t take his nap, I felt it was a great afternoon to make the quick ride downtown and get some Queen City Cupcakes…. before they sold out for the day, which they always do.  I love that smell of relentless baking that hits your face as soon as you open the door to the place. Today I came away with: Peanut Butter Cup, S’mores, Raspberry, and Sugar Cookie.

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Queen City Cupcakes Manchester NHManchester NH Food Photographer

Photographers are resourceful people. If you want to know my setup for these shots, it was an old cork bulletin board found in the basement laid on top of the cat tree, and covered with a white tablecloth. Also included in the mix was my two year old underneath shaking the cat tree, and pretty soon into the whole thing, one of my cats jumping on TOP OF the entire thing, spilling the cake pedestal and tipping all the cupcakes over into the window. I kid you not.


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