January Photo Blog Project | New Hampshire Photographers

A group of New Hampshire photographers have gotten together to take on a blog project where we all focus on a particular theme each month (during the winter).  This month’s theme is “A Day in the Life”, and the idea is that you can follow the entire project in one big circle by clicking the links at the end of each post, which will bring you to another photographer. So make the rounds and get to know some of the talent that New Hampshire has to offer!  Big thanks to Kristen of Kristen Reimold Photography for visualizing and spearheading this project. She has, in the year that I’ve known her,  brought together more photographers in this area than any other vehicle I can think of. She finds people that Google cannot seem to reach! So I thank her, for many reasons, but in this case for continuing to introduce me to other photographers right here in NH. We work alone in this industry, so finding others and connecting with them even in such a small state makes it feel so much less vast.

So this was my day, shot on Wednesday, January 18th. I wish I could say that my days are normally more exciting, but 99% of the time, this is what it looks like as a full time mom, and only a tiny, minutely part-time photographer. I don’t get a lot of adult interaction, just two small kiddos, and a husband.  Send coffee!!

iPhone photos of Drew’s first dentist visit….

A little light reading during Parker’s nap time…


To continue following the blog trail for this photo project, please visit Michelle Heath of Michelle Heath Photography in Ashland, NH to see how she made meaning of this project.


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