Favorite 2011 Food Images | Southern NH Natural Light Food Photography

I have to admit I started out compiling my favorite portrait images of 2011, but I got distracted by the food photos and so I decided to give them their own post. They are my favorite, after all. There were so many highlights for 2011, and I have so many of these images that I love to keep looking at. Many of these shots I was hired to take at fabulous restaurants and cafes like The Black Forest Cafe, A&E Roastery, and the Pavilion at the Hilton Garden Inn, and they became my favorites. Others I simply discovered in a serendipitous moment during a rare dinner out with my husband, at a table next to a window with lovely natural light, where great memories and photos can be made.  There is no magic formula, only beautiful window light.  2011 was not filled with nearly enough dinners out.  It is one of the true pleasures and anticipations of my life, and one of those things that there is simply not enough of, being so infrequent. Ah well, that’s what they make cameras for. So the memories last longer. 🙂

Here’s to 2012 and lots more great food to eat and take photos of!

And I can’t recap 2011 without mentioning the absolute foodie highlight of the whole year for me: The 2011 Hippo de Mayo Taco Challenge (<–click there for the link back to one of my favorite posts of the year).  I had such a great time this year, and cannot wait for this year’s event.  Take two things that I am unabashedly passionate about: food photography + tacos, and you have one happy chick running around downtown Manchester.


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