Valentine’s Day at the Black Forest Cafe | NH Food Photographer

Bringing home a huge bag full of The Black Forest Cafe’s Valentine’s Day products like cupcakes, pastries, decorated cookies, and brownies ….. yeah, I’ve had worse days.  This shoot was not only beautiful eye candy for me, but it was also some good color therapy too. As a mom of two little boys there is not a scrap of pink in my house, but I love pink and I’m a girly-girl underneath all the dinosaurs and bulldozers and trucks that my life is filled with. So it was FUN to bust out the frilly cake stands and spend some time shooting beautiful pastries. Cupcakes are truly my very favorite thing to shoot. They make me kinda giddy. 🙂  As always, these shots were done with only natural light and the K.I.S.S. method–Keep It Simple, Silly!

Love, Love, Love…. I can’ t even express how happy these shots make me feel. It must be all the pink!  Clearly I am a woman starved for color in this time of year, because all I could think about when I was trying to decide how to style this shoot was wall-to-wall pink.  It’s a happy thing.


Funny story about these cake stands…. I’ve wanted some small ones like these for years and have never  been able to find any. Never saw any in any stores, and can’t afford eBay collector prices for them.  A couple of months ago I actually dragged both my parents all over the backwoods of New Hampshire to some remote antique stores hoping to score a vintage cake pedestal. Nope! None to be found in antique stores either.  So I kind of gave up until a couple of weeks ago I had a strange urge to check  Home Goods which I have never been into in the whole time I’ve lived here, but I went. And it was like overflowing with cake stands. It was surely worth the trip in there!!  Who knew.  It was an awesome feeling to be able to create the photographs that I had envisioned in my head.

PS– the new Pink Velvet Cupcakes with Strawberry Buttercream are sooooooo delicious!  And I have to say, this was the first time I’d had the pleasure of trying The Black Forest Cafe’s old fashioned coconut cake–here in the form of a cupcake. TO. DIE. FOR. I consider myself a hardcore coconut cake fan, and this one truly ranks as the best I’ve had.


48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045