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Emeran of A&E Coffee in Amherst, NH first contacted me not too long after the launch of their new website needing some updated photos.  They were using some shots from the point-and-shoot camera, and some stock photos, and she was looking for something a bit more personalized to further illustrate all the great information they have on their website.  I was so excited because they have SUCH a cute cafe and it would have been a bummer to not work that to a total advantage on their site. I’m so pleased with the outcome because this is exactly what I had in mind by reaching out into the local small business community and offering my services for website photography. I was thrilled with my first commercial small business experience!   Big thanks to A&E Coffee for letting me come in and shoot.

I really like these shots below.  I’m very sure that Emeran thought I was crazy when I suggested she be a hand model for handfuls of coffee beans.  She was kind of like, “um, are you done yet, crazy lady? Cuz I gotta go.”  (ha ha, she wasn’t really…..) But I did have some thinking behind it, as convoluted as it may be.   Emeran and her husband Adam have a passion for coffee. When I first took a look at their website, that much was overwhelmingly clear. I wanted to capture some photos that really show a personal connection to the roasting process. So I thought a literal hands-on approach would help to convey a deep dedication to the product and the stewardship behind it. Also, it looks kinda Martha Stewart-ish which I really like. 🙂

(and now, embarassingly as it turns out, they already HAD photos like this on their website and I didn’t know it. Oh well. I still LOVE these photos and I stand by my thoughts behind their creation 🙂


As always, thanks for getting to know me!

If you know any small business owners in the Manchester, NH area who could use vibrant, meaningful professional photography for their website, please pass along my name. I’m offering a crazy affordable special mini-package this winter to help get my name out there and build my commercial portfolio.
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