Urban Themed Shoot in Downtown Concord, NH | Portrait Photography

Lately I’ve had the absolute pleasure of hanging out with some local women photographers from all different places in southern NH, and we’re calling ourselves the “Southern New Hampshire Photography Club.” The whole point has been to network and get to know other like-minded women with similar experiences and interests so that we can inspire, learn from and teach each other all while enjoying hanging out and doing cool practice shoots and having discussions.  I’m so happy to be a part of this developing group and I’ve been so inspired by the women that I’ve met so far.

This week we had our second meeting, which was an urban themed shoot in downtown Concord. We just wandered around all those cool alleyways and back behind the buildings where all the peeling paint and awesome rusty fire escapes are. It was fantastic, the weather was gorgeous and it was just at the time in the evening when we could capture some awesome sunflare coming over the buildings. I’ve been dying to do a shoot like this, so I was thrilled to just wander and envision doing a portrait session in an environment like this.

Keep in mind when planning your portrait session that you can think outside the park!!  Think about color, texture, light and shadow, and personality.  I would love to do portraits in downtown Manchester or Concord. Just let me know! 🙂

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48 miles ave

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