Bobby’s Burger Palace | Burlington, MA

Since my kids are on school vacation this week, we thought we’d break up the monotony a little bit by making a pilgrimage to the Burlington Mall which is the closest location of a LEGO store. My son Drew will do pretty much anything for Legos, including going to the dentist for a filling and also getting a haircut. He even quit chewing his fingernails down to a nub simply because Legos were promised to him if they got long enough to cut. Today was his big day!

But who are we kidding? It was also kind of a big deal for me too, because the Burlington Mall has the only known location in this part of the country for Bobby’s Burger Palace!!  Let’s get crunchified!!

Bobby's Burger Palace | BBP | Burlington, MA

The menu of different burgers is LOVELY and they all sounded soooo good. I probably would have been thrilled with any of them, so I just blurted out whatever I happened to be reading–Bobby’s Blue Burger. Sure!  It was HUGE and gorgeous and came out unbelievably fast. What, are they mind readers back there?

Bobby's Burger Palace | BBP | Burlington, MA

We also splurged on a few sides, like fries, onion rings, and a pistachio milkshake (which I told myself I wasn’t gonna do, but of course I did.)

Bobby's Burger Palace | BBP | Burlington, MA

Beautiful, beautiful. I was so impressed with everything. The burger was truly delicious and everything was cooked just right, from the burger (seasoned perfectly with black pepper) to the bacon, to the blue cheese sauce. Nummy!  I loved all the different condiments: burger sauce (loaded with molasses!), chipotle ketchup, fry sauce, etc etc. Loved it all.

Bobby's Burger Palace | BBP | Burlington, MA

Can’t wait to go back again in the hopefully not distant future!


48 miles ave

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