Fall at the Black Forest Cafe | Southern NH Food Photographer

I was so pleased to get to do some more food shots for The Black Forest Cafe in Amherst –this time for some fall holiday marketing!  I love the seasonal menus they offer and it’s so much fun to shoot different foods throughout the year as colors and textures and flavors change.

Their Chocolate Caramel Tart is sooooo rich and decadent…. and it photographed beautifully. Beauty shots, beauty shots…. GAH I love my job!

Another favorite is their seasonal shortbreads which are always adorable…… but you know me, I am totally partial to the Halloween ones. So glad they were in my goodie stash to photograph. I tried a couple of different fun backgrounds, because why the heck not? Too fun not to.

And of course the classic Thanksgiving staple: The Pecan Pie!  I’ve eaten a lot of pecan pie in my life, and I can honestly say this one is among the best, if not THE best. Perfect in every way.





48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045