Mile Away Restaurant Wedding | NH Wedding Photography

I have the utmost gratitude and appreciation for wedding photographer Sarah Swan for asking me to be her 2nd shooter for Lydsay & Billy’s wedding this weekend.  She is so wonderful and laid back to work with, and being 8 months pregnant I can hardly believe she’s still working! So it was my honor to help her out however I could and be a 2nd pair of eyes for her.

One of my assignments was to arrive a little early at the Mile Away Restaurant in Milford and get some details shots of beautiful little things to tell the story of the wedding day before the guests started arriving. I nearly died of happiness, as this is my FAVORITE thing to shoot. EVER.  And the venue could not have been more amazing. I had never been there before, never heard of it, but as soon as I arrived I knew this place was incredible. It was like straight out of Country Living magazine. Every nook and cranny was decorated and filled with something unique and beautiful. I walked around in a creative daze, shooting all kinds of beautiful flowers, food, decorations, table settings, etc. I also shot some candids of the wedding party and guests in the in-between moments.

Sarah is so kind and generous to allow me to share the photos that I took on my blog and portfolio and I can’t thank her enough.

indigo pink chartreuse bouquet

Mile Away restaurant wedding, Milford NH

And the cake!  I could hardly believe this hutch they had behind the cake. I seriously felt like I was in a magazine.

Lydsay and Billy were an adorable couple and they both looked great. This shot makes me laugh because I can’t believe the amazing luck I had with capturing this flash at just the right instant–crazy lucky!

So again, I can’t thank Sarah Swan enough for the opportunity to shoot with her. I know she pours her heart into the weddings she shoots, so I hope that I was able to capture some images that she can use as well.


48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045