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Hanover, New Hampshire Connecticut River Soiree Wedding

hanover NH wedding photos (

Susannah and Jim go way back to their college days where they dated for a while. Then they broke up and went their separate ways, but Susannah never forgot him, although she fell out of touch with him for six years and in fact did not even know where he was, or how to find...

Published in the Aug 8 Hippo

published in the hippo

This week I have a couple of photos published in the Hippo’s article about public art. Had a great time meeting the folks of Positive Street Art and viewing their transformation of the Fields Grove playground. Great work, y’all!

Farmer’s Market Photography

Beet Greens | Local Harvest CSA spring share

Something that people may not know or remember about me is that when I first started my photography business I wanted to focus on gardens, flowers, farmer’s markets, farm stands, agricultural products, in a really thoughtful, editorial, magazine-style approach. I thought it was a fantastic idea! But then I quickly realized that there is no...

Featured on Done Brilliantly Blog

Featured on Done Brilliantly

It’s very exciting to have my food photography featured today on Done Brilliantly, the blog of Two Bright Lights. I’m so thrilled to see Aissa Sweets featured on such a cool national blog….. their creations are certainly “done brilliantly!”

Summer Tomato and Basil Bruschetta

fresh tomato, basil, mozzarella bruchetta recipe

In the summertime, there is absolutely nothing better than finding ways to use all those gorgeous fresh tomatoes that are everywhere. One of my favorites was always a tomato sandwich which we commonly eat in the South: Bunny bread, sliced tomatoes, Duke’s mayo generously spread and also plenty of salt and pepper……but that’s another post...


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