Farmer’s Market Photography

Something that people may not know or remember about me is that when I first started my photography business I wanted to focus on gardens, flowers, farmer’s markets, farm stands, agricultural products, in a really thoughtful, editorial, magazine-style approach. I thought it was a fantastic idea! But then I quickly realized that there is no market for such a thing, that farmers or gardeners do not generally hire professional photographers to document their work (although how amazing would that be?), and that I had better find something else to specialize in. Maybe there is a small niche for farming lifestyle photography, but I don’t know where to find it, and truth be told I have enough trouble finding clients for wedding and food photography, which should be overwhelmingly abundant. Hah!  It’s quite possible that it’s just me. It usually is.

So this is why photographers have personal projects and interests–to be able to pursue the things we are passionate about but others are not so interested in. And this is also why I have a blog, to spew forth all this stuff that I have running around in my head that has no other designated home. 🙂

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