Hanover, New Hampshire Connecticut River Soiree Wedding

Susannah and Jim go way back to their college days where they dated for a while. Then they broke up and went their separate ways, but Susannah never forgot him, although she fell out of touch with him for six years and in fact did not even know where he was, or how to find him. Through a strange series of coincidences, including a random dream she had about Jim, and then an odd comment that a friend made, she was compelled to try to email him using a very old college email address, the only one she knew of. Miraculously, he responded. And they’ve been together ever since.

Fast forward a few years….in Hanover, New Hampshire, just next to Dartmouth College, there is this little nondescript motel on the side of the road called the Chieftain Inn Motor Lodge. You would never know that just behind this little roadside motor lodge, down a treacherously steep one-lane dirt path, there is the most amazing event space situated right on the bank of the Connecticut River, complete with reception tents, docks, sunsets, and everything you could want in an outdoor summertime soiree.

Hanover NH Wedding Umpleby's Bakery and Roberts Flowers

Hanover NH wedding photos Roberts Flowers

hanover NH wedding reception food

hanover NH bride bouquet on red truck

Jim’s sisters were the groomswomen…. (call them what you may, but goodness they’re some of the prettiest sisters and bridesmaids I have ever seen).

Bride’s brother Brett, Man of Honor….

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Hanover NH Wedding party

Hanover NH chieftain motor lodge wedding

We were patient and waited for the delicious light that happened right after the sun dipped below the tree line……

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NH bride and groom on dock at sunset

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reception tent sunset night sky NH

Ceremony and Reception Venue, Catering: Chieftain Motor Inn, Hanover NH
Florist: Roberts Flowers, Hanover NH
Cake: Umpleby’s Bakery, Hanover NH
Band: Jeremiah McLane
Dress: Justin Alexander
Bridesmaid Dresses: Allure
Makeup: Aida Draw
Hair: Hilde’s Salon Vienna, Hanover NH


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