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Recipe | Tart Lime Margaritas

If you’re not into margaritas made with pre-made “margarita mix–just add tequila!” then this is the recipe for you. I’ve never been into any recipe for margaritas that contain the word “mixer” or  even “simple syrup” because I like my margaritas to be tart, limey, and traditionally made with tequila, triple sec, and lime juice....

Recipes | Italian White Bean Soup

Italian White Bean Soup | Recipe

This simple (super simple) soup recipe is wonderful on so many levels because it’s very low fat and calorie, incredibly filling, flavorful, and it’s even vegan. I got this recipe years ago out of the Sunday newspaper in that 7-Day Meal Planner that they run in the Life section on Sundays. I’ve had it in...

Cafe Indigo’s Vegan Carrot Cake

Hello! A quick blog post about a little gem that we found. My husband went vegan at the start of the new year, so there’s been a tremendous lifestyle change for him. Lots of frequent shopping trips to the store for fresh produce, lots of smoothies, steaming of vegetables, every meal prepared fresh, tons of...

Published in the Hippo | Manchester, NH

published in the Hippo 01.17.13

It has been exciting to open up this week’s Hippo and see my photos in the article “The Best Dress for Your Body” by Meghan Seigler. It came out in the January 17, 2013 issue which includes several other wedding features. A couple of weeks ago Meghan and I went to Modern Bride in Bedford,...

Relaxing at Firefly Bistro & Bar | Manchester, NH Restaurant

My husband and I enjoyed a recent and long overdue dinner out last week. We received a gift certificate to Firefly from his brother at Christmas (much appreciated!) so that’s where we went. We started with the Go Go Bread, as usual, and it’s so wonderful. I always forget to ask for extra bread! We love it...

Recipe | Party Punch

Party Punch Recipe

Every party deserves a great punch, and I dare say nobody does punch like a good Southern cook. This is a fun recipe I got from my sister-in-law’s mother after hearing such rave reviews about it. I guess she eventually wrote out the recipe for my mom, who gave it to me. Isn’t that the...


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