Cafe Indigo’s Vegan Carrot Cake

photo of Vegan Carrot Cake | Cafe Indigo

Hello! A quick blog post about a little gem that we found. My husband went vegan at the start of the new year, so there’s been a tremendous lifestyle change for him. Lots of frequent shopping trips to the store for fresh produce, lots of smoothies, steaming of vegetables, every meal prepared fresh, tons of cooking, and likewise, constant piles of dishes. Add to that, separate meals for the kids who don’t eat that way, and yet separate meals for me who doesn’t eat vegan and also not entirely kid food (despite frequent reminders from my husband that I’m going to die before I’m 40, as well as horror stories about where bacon really comes from), and you have complete and utter chaos in our household right now. I hope that mealtimes will not always be this scattered and disjointed, but that’s where we are right now and we’ll have to figure out how to make it work better.

So we took a little field trip to the best-known vegan restaurant in this area, Cafe Indigo in Concord. Dave wanted to see what they had, and try the carrot cake he’d been reading  about, and maybe try seitan which he’d never had.

The carrot cake was quite good, and very beautiful. And because you can’t bring a cake into the home of a food photographer without a few snapshots, I give you this, dubbed “Best. Carrot. Cake. Ever.” by Veg News:

picture of Vegan Carrot Cake | Cafe Indigo



48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045