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Manchester’s Demented Santa

Demented Santa | Manchester NH Christmas

As a photographer, I love to take photos of kitschy things….. and this one takes the cake. This “vintage” Santa has freaked me out for the ten years that I’ve lived here. Maybe it’s retro, or nostalgic, but this Santa who always poses at the edge of Elm St. at the Easter Seals Christmas tree lot, is...

My New Canvas

It’s no secret that photographs hit us the hardest in a sentimental kind of way. But what’s funny about it is that you don’ t always know which photo is going to become a favorite.  I stumbled across this photo of Parker, taken one year ago when he was just about 18 months old.  I...

The Pavilion @ The Hilton Garden Inn | NH Food Photography

The Pavilion is located in the Hilton Garden Inn, in downtown Manchester’s beautiful millyard area. Executive Chef Jason Jette, Sous Chef Vlad, and the team create such impressively stylish dishes that are so beyond anything you typically think of “hotel food.”  When they started bringing out the dishes to photograph, I was kind of in jaw-dropping...

Goffstown Main Street | Photos

This weekend I took my 4-year old son to the village to check out the big Christmas tree in the town square, which just had its official tree lighting on Friday.  When we got there, the tree had not been turned on yet, so we parked the car and walked up one side of Main...


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