My New Canvas

It’s no secret that photographs hit us the hardest in a sentimental kind of way. But what’s funny about it is that you don’ t always know which photo is going to become a favorite.  I stumbled across this photo of Parker, taken one year ago when he was just about 18 months old.  I remember the exact day that I took this picture of him, on our deck in the weak sunlight on a really chilly November day.  Specifically I remember his sweet crazy blond hair sticking out everywhere….. hair that I actually cut off about 2 days later. So just days before his very first haircut, I had accidently managed to capture this precious image of him, still babylike in his facial features and expression.  This is a memory that became vastly more important and sentimental to me a year later, than it was at the time.  I decided to have it made into a 16×24 canvas, because it’s a portrait of him I will be able to look at every single day in my home and never get tired of it.  Canvas is a supremely lovely and engaging way to display your favorite image.


48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045