Imbibe Magazine Photo Feature | Smuttynose Wheatwine Ale

I am so over the moon to announce that Erika Follansbee Photography has been featured in a nationally published (not to mention gorgeous) magazine! I debated whether to just play it all cool and say something like “oh look. I kinda forgot about this shoot, but it’s in the Nov/Dec issue of Imbibe magazine.” No way. I’ve been sweating this thing out since I went out to Smuttynose in Portsmouth to shoot this piece back in August.  It’s been a long time to sit on this secret, but I’m so happy that the issue is out and I can share.  Imbibe is a really cool publication focusing on “liquid culture” throughout the USA.

The guys at Smuttynose were so fun to work with, and so laid back and up for anything. I enjoyed shooting David Yarrington, Director of Brewing Operations, and Greg Blanchard, Head Brewer, all under the watchful coordination of JT Thompson, Minister of Propoganda (love that title!) and also a fellow North Carolina native! It’s always great to run into NC peeps in such faraway places as this. I even met the most gorgeous office dog, Myrtle. Later on, after the fact, I realized she might be of some relation (or at least a lookalike) to THE Old Brown Dog.  Yeah. I’m a little slow on the uptake. Still, she was one beautiful dog and she wagged her tail with her whole body, SO cute.

Thanks so much to the folks at Imbibe for the wonderful opportunity! Such an honor!


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