Planet Marshmallow Commercial Shoot

To say that Manchester has welcomed Planet Marshmallow is kind of an understatement. They have pretty much exploded in popularity in the short time they’ve been open, and their gourmet marshmallows are found in fine stores all over the state, along with a successful mail order business, and plans for world domination coming soon.   I was thrilled when owner Heather invited me to come out and do some new photos of their marshmallows and desserts back in July.

As usual, all of these shots were done on location inside the cafe, using 100% natural and available light.  Thanks for looking!

Planet Marshmallow | Manchester NH

I just could not get enough of this coconut cake. It was the perfect “model” for me, and picked up the light so beautifully. I would be lying if I said the thought of grabbing a fork and helping myself didn’t cross my mind. A couple of times.

Hot cocoa with mint chocolate chip marshmallows floating on top…… with freshly baked brownies…..  you’re welcome.
Can’t get enough? For more shots from Planet Marshmallow, please view my previous post from my first visit there back in May 2012 (think: hot fudge sundae and peanut butter pie!)


48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045