Photographing the Bedford Village Inn | NH Natural Light Photographer

Recently I had the pleasure of being hired by the Bedford Village Inn to produce some new images of guest room interiors, a dining room, the outdoor patio dining area, and even a few food & drink items. Jack Carnavale, the owner, is a huge natural-light photography fan, and loved the fact that I work with minimal equipment because he wants things to look as natural as possible.  He has a great eye for details, adjusting lampshades and curtains in the guest rooms, and all the while emphasizing that he wanted a look of comfort and hospitality in the photos.

BVI Guest Room
Guest Room at Bedford Village Inn
BVI Guest Rooms

I got to meet NH celebrity chef Ben Knack, who put together this amazing-looking lobster appetizer. Rumor has it Ben was on Hell’s Kitchen a few seasons back which is so awesome.  They’re also promoting three summer cocktails this season. Wouldn’t it be lovely to be sitting on the patio sipping one of these lovelies?

Outdoor Dining at Bedford Village Inn | Patio
Chef Ben Knack | BVI Restaurant
BVI Patio Cocktails
The Overlook dining room recently got all new chairs, so Mr. Carnavale really wanted some updated photos of that space, and had all the tables decked out in white linens, beautiful dishes and silver, and bright and fresh floral really dress up the room. I have to say: it was gorgeous. Below are some of my favorite shots. I love the ones that emphasize intimate seating, beautiful light, and attention to detail.


48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045