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My Year in Restaurant Photography: 2012

The Copper Door | Bedford, NH

Since I grew up in a college basketball-oriented household, I’ll be calling 2012 a “building year”…..  some nice efforts, a few great opportunities, and mostly a lot of learning.  It was definitely a year for developing, building, and laying the path for future jobs. Many of the below photos were just personal photos taken when...

Recipe | Toddler Muffins (Secret Veggies!)

Here’s a really nice muffin recipe that is a delicious way to cram lots of bananas, carrots, and squash into one muffin, perfect for those of us with little kids. My 3-year old, who is not all that picky, loves these, and my 5-year old, although not a toddler, is very picky and very smart....

Recipe | Green Chile Chicken Quesadillas

Tonight I have a real treat for you: a super SIMPLE recipe that requires only four ingredients for an amazing meal: Green Chile Quesadillas.  This is one of my favorite things that I make at home,  because I’m not a great cook, and yet this is one thing that even I can do well.  I...

More Glittery Shoes

I love shooting the wedding details like bouquets, jewelry, and decor, and the bridal shoes are quickly becoming another favorite. I picked up these beauties at somewhere surprising–Goodwill! It’s definitely a lucky day when you find something you like in your size and a price you can’t pass up–$6.50! I kid you not. I’m keeping...


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