My Year in Restaurant Photography: 2012

Since I grew up in a college basketball-oriented household, I’ll be calling 2012 a “building year”…..  some nice efforts, a few great opportunities, and mostly a lot of learning.  It was definitely a year for developing, building, and laying the path for future jobs.

Many of the below photos were just personal photos taken when I went out to eat at a restaurant (MUCH too infrequently this year) but, as always, I love the impromptu natural, unstaged look to shots of food just as they arrive to your table.  I always judge a year by how many trips I took, how often I got out, restaurants I went to…. these are the important things to me. I don’t think 2012 will be one for the record books, but as you can see below, there were some great things to celebrate!

Putnam's Waterview | Goffstown, NH
The Copper Door | Bedford, NH
Firefly Bistro cocktail photo
Chen's Garden | Manchester, NH
900 Degrees | Manchester NH
Lucky's | Boston MA
Fratello's | Manchester NH
Queen Anne's Revenge | Beaufort, NC

Below are photos I shot for actual restaurant clients:

The Black Forest Cafe | Food Photography | NH Restaurant Photography
The Bedford Village Inn | Bedford, NH | Food Photography | NH Restaurant Photography
Planet Marshmallow | Manchester NH | Food Photography | NH Restaurant Photography
The Pavilion | Manchester, NH |Food Photography | NH Restaurant Photography
Planet Marshmallow | NH Food Photography | Manchester NH Restaurant Photography

Restaurants featured in this post are: Putnam’s Waterview Restaurant, Eden Restaurant (now closed), The Copper Door, Firefly, Chen’s Garden, 900 Degrees, Lucky’s Lounge,  Fratello’s, Republic, Queen Anne’s Revenge, The Black Forest Cafe, The Bedford Village Inn, Planet Marshmallow (now closed), The Patio Hilton Garden Inn,  and Planet Marshmallow.

In 2013, I created a separate website and social media presence for my Food and Travel Photography. Please visit


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