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This very special offer is happening for only one short day: Cyber Monday! I hope everybody had a great Thanksgiving and scored some great deals on Black Friday, whether you braved the wee hours of the night, or shopped online from the comfort of your home. Personally, I did a little of both. 🙂  I have one more deal for you.

Gift certificates purchased today only will have 25% added! There is no minimum or maximum. What a fantastic way to get a great deal on your portrait session for next year and save 25% towards that special item you plan to use it for…. the high resolution disk, or a beautiful album, maybe?  Plan ahead for yourself, or give as a gift to someone special. Gift certificates purchased on Cyber Monday must be used towards a portrait session (either towards session fee or on prints/products order) from April 1- August 31, 2012. Orders must be submitted by 11:59pm on Monday, November 28 ONLY through this link. Cyber Monday gift certificates are void if not redeemed by August 31, 2012.

$50 =$62.50 gift certificate
$75=$93.75 gift certificate
$100=$125 gift certificate
$200=$250 gift certificate
$300=$375 gift certificate
$400=$500 gift certificate

any amount is available!


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Today was a good day. Today was proof to me that if you stick to what you truly love, be yourself, and follow your passion, great opportunities can come along. Today that wacky chick who always takes pictures of food in restaurants shot the menu for The Pavilion at Manchester’s Hilton Garden Inn. On location, natural light, hand held photos shot in a way that felt completely seamless and comfortable. Because really, I’ve been training for this moment for years.  Today I am grateful for everybody who ever said, “You should….” “You ought to….” “You know, you could….”

Much more on this session to follow later!

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A little-known fact about me: I love November. Most people think I’m all about October, and I am, but there is something about November that I find beautifully calming, quiet, stark and subtle.  October is wild, weird, and wonderful in its messy crazy flurry of activity, but November is clean and peaceful. I like that. The trees are bare, the leaves are all cleaned up, everything is put to bed for the winter, and it’s just pleasant in its in-between-ish-ness.

I had a conflicting autumn. It was crazy and busy as it always is, and we did a lot that we wanted to do, and missed out on a few things that we wanted to do, and ended up accomplishing a few other things that hadn’t been planned. So basically….. life happened.  That’s the way it is. I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from the fall.  The weakened sunlight is just amazing really….. I took my youngest son out for a walk this afternoon mid-day to the ex-pumpkin patch next door and was amazed at how beautiful the light is at any time of day. Whether standing in the middle of a giant open field, or deep in the woods, it’s all just even, clear, clean light that looks gorgeous. I was thinking what a beautiful portrait session could be made right at my house with a little 5 minute walk into the woods.  Possibilities are everywhere.

My beautiful friend Sarah Swan and I had a playdate in the woods in the gorgeous light.

And lastly….. my #1 favorite photo from the past few months. One single shot fired into the dark night resulted in this.  I’m pretty sure it captures everything I love about Halloween, trick or treating, ambient light hand-held photography. Thanks to my neighbor up the road for creating this awesomely rustic & quirky  homemade display of Halloween awesomeness.

 It’s amazing what you find right near home.

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Kelsey, a Coe Brown Northwood Academy senior, is a remarkable young woman.  This was such an amazing session for me since I literally have been waiting years for Kelsey to become a senior so I could get her in front of the camera. 🙂 I spent days pre-visualizing the kinds of shots I wanted to get, and how I was going to edit the images to give a certain look. Even though we had zero sunlight for our session, I was still able to manipulate the photos to give a rustic, autumnal feel to the session which is exactly what I was looking for, and I think fits Kelsey’s natural easy-going style and personality.

 As an artist I’m always hoping to learn, grow, evolve, and develop my style and skills. This session in particular represents a turning point for me. Not only  have I embraced a new editing style which I hope you all enjoy, but I’ve also discovered a true love for the senior portrait genre. I feel like this combination of portrait style meshed with this age group is a really dynamic pairing for me, so I hope to find more seniors and teens in the coming year.   Please pass the word if anyone you know is looking for senior portraits!


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