Fall Favorites

A little-known fact about me: I love November. Most people think I’m all about October, and I am, but there is something about November that I find beautifully calming, quiet, stark and subtle.  October is wild, weird, and wonderful in its messy crazy flurry of activity, but November is clean and peaceful. I like that. The trees are bare, the leaves are all cleaned up, everything is put to bed for the winter, and it’s just pleasant in its in-between-ish-ness.

I had a conflicting autumn. It was crazy and busy as it always is, and we did a lot that we wanted to do, and missed out on a few things that we wanted to do, and ended up accomplishing a few other things that hadn’t been planned. So basically….. life happened.  That’s the way it is. I wanted to share a few of my favorite photos from the fall.  The weakened sunlight is just amazing really….. I took my youngest son out for a walk this afternoon mid-day to the ex-pumpkin patch next door and was amazed at how beautiful the light is at any time of day. Whether standing in the middle of a giant open field, or deep in the woods, it’s all just even, clear, clean light that looks gorgeous. I was thinking what a beautiful portrait session could be made right at my house with a little 5 minute walk into the woods.  Possibilities are everywhere.

My beautiful friend Sarah Swan and I had a playdate in the woods in the gorgeous light.

And lastly….. my #1 favorite photo from the past few months. One single shot fired into the dark night resulted in this.  I’m pretty sure it captures everything I love about Halloween, trick or treating, ambient light hand-held photography. Thanks to my neighbor up the road for creating this awesomely rustic & quirky  homemade display of Halloween awesomeness.

 It’s amazing what you find right near home.


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