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I’m excited to add a new product to my three wedding collections for 2014: a hard bound wedding proof book. While I love the online gallery that I create for my clients for its convenience and ease of accessibility, there is something so important and lovely about seeing your images printed in a book that you can hold in your hands, pass around to family and friends over dinner, and even take to work with you to show it off! Isn’t it nice to be able to look at photos without sitting in front of a computer? I think this is really important, so I’m making this a part of my standard 6 and 8 hour packages. As your wedding photographer, it’s my job to think in terms of the “big picture” both literally and metaphorically, so it’s important that I put something tangible in your hands at the end of our time together. Even if you don’t purchase a custom-designed album, you are still going to get a beautiful book that is sure to put a smile on your face for years to come.

I truly believe that you should not need an internet connection to share your wedding photos with your loved ones. Your marriage is not electronic, so why should your photos be?  This is why I include this beautiful proof book with my collections. What is a proofbook? It’s a hard copy of each and every one of your wedding photos printed and bound into a hardback book. Every photo that you receive on your flash drive is also printed in this lovely book. Essentially you receive 2 copies of each of your proofs– a digital version and a printed version.  This is so important to me as a photographer, and as your first family historian, that I’m making it an included part of my wedding coverage packages. I would MUCH rather hand you a book of proofs rather than digital images.  Luckily, you don’t have to choose–you get both!

This is a professionally printed keepsake you can feel good about. The Eco Matte paper is 100% Recycled PCW (Post Consumer Waste), 100% Wind-power manufactured, in 100# text weight.  Eco Proof Books bring traditional proofing into the 21st century with an earth friendly twist.

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Every book is different, because every wedding is different. Please expect variations in size, number of pages, cover material, etc. Always know that I make decisions about each proofbook to ensure the best reflection of each couple’s -and their wedding’s- uniqueness.

(For example, in the sample 10×8 proof book shown in these photos, I chose a Midnight Blue silk cover to reflect the couple’s wedding color theme, with 580 photos shown in this book, or approximately 98 pages total.)

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As always, please refer to my WEDDING FAQ page for answers to many of your common questions about booking your wedding with Erika Follansbee Photography.


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