Wedding Album Options

Welcome to your album customizer!

Now that you have approved your wedding album design, it’s time to choose your cover!  You may choose between leather and linen for the cover material, and the color options are listed below.

Then, choose a style for your cover. You may choose debossed text on the cover OR you may chose to have an image cameo inserted in the cover. Options are found below.

Linen Covers

Standard Leather Covers

Distressed Leather Covers

Pearlescent Leather Covers

Debossed Text

You may choose up to 3 lines of text/dates. The text will be placed in the center of the front cover. Please choose a font listed below.

Image Cameo

Instead of text, you may choose an image cameo to be inserted into the cover. Options for this are Rectangle, Square, or Pano.


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