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When I think “headshot”, I think of something that occurs in a dark studio, where you perch yourself on a little stool that winds up and down to adjust height, and you’re peering out of a tunnel of light umbrellas and reflectors. I had a studio headshot done a few years ago for a scrapbooking magazine gig, and it was a truly bizarre experience for me.  The picture was “nice.” The lighting was beautiful, and I wasn’t used to seeing myself looking like that.  Looking back on it, I think “wow, that was weird.”

Nowadays I have to admit that my favorite part of a shoot is often the headshot portrait.  I try to save it for the end, when everyone is most relaxed and feeling comfortable.  I like to shoot a headshot as if I were sitting across from a good friend, and wanted to capture that perfect moment in our conversation where I want to remember how they looked right then.  When I get home and download the cards and find a gorgeous close up of my subject, with great eye contact and a relaxed expression, and a natural look, I get that chill that I get when I know I’ve nailed it.  LOVE that.

I’m offering a location, natural light headshot option for my clients, kind of like a mini-portrait session except the only goal is to produce one great headshot.  Perfect for actors, performers, occupational portraits, or anyone needing a single great headshot for print or web.  Email me for details, or see the Headshots Info page.


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