Manchester Millyard Couples Portraits | Sasha & Brian

Sasha contacted me about doing a love session for herself and her man….. and I was so touched by her story. She freely shared information about herself and Brian, and how they’ve found love and freedom in unexpected discovery, after each of them moved past previous marriages that weren’t quite right. I went into this shoot having the story already written for me, and I found out after the fact that the images we created illustrate her own words perfectly.

“We’ve renewed each other’s faith in the future and love. The trust I have for him – I’ve never had for anyone. For the first time in my life – I don’t feel like I need to be in the driver’s seat.”

manchester NH couples photos 3

“To be honest – every other photoshoot I did in my ‘past life’ – was so calculated…. posed….for show….planned….stressful. That was kind of the story of my past life anyhow. This time – I’m just happy to be with this guy, being us, and casual – and having you ‘capture it’.”

manchester NH couples photos 2

manchester NH engagement photography

“So you see – it’s more than just a love session – it’s a new love session! The non traditional way of doing things – which for me – who always wanted to do things the ‘right’ way, in order, by ‘the book’ – is new concept to embrace.  But, right now – we’re just loving being in love – and I’m throwing that ‘book’ out the window – because this way is working much better!”

manchester NH engagement session

New Hampshire engagement portraits

Beautiful words by Sasha…… and the most beautiful and important reason to have photos made….. just because there is someone you love.


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