NH Blog Circle | August Theme: Water

Welcome back to another round of blog circle goodness from New Hampshire’s custom portrait photographers. It’s been a couple of months, but we’re back in the swing of things with August’s theme of WATER.  In order to visit all the blogs in the circle, simply click through to the next blog using the link at the bottom of this post.

Never say never. If anybody had ever told me, growing up, that I would one day be swimming in a lake in New Hampshire, I’d have thought they were crazy. But there it is, and here I am. Usually I’m quite happy to warm myself in the sun on a rock, like a turtle, and just observe the shenanigans of my kids and husband, but sometimes I do get in. It’s not that bad (sort of.)

We’ve done a lot of swimming this summer, and Glen Lake here in Goffstown is super close, free, and lots of fun. Another nearby favorite is Clough State Park where we also go.  We do swimming at the indoor pool at the YMCA, and of course the kids are perfectly happy with some good backyard fun in the inflatable wading pools too.

Erika Follansbee, NH Natural Light Lifestyle Photographer

It’s been a very big summer for Drew. As recently as the beginning of July, he was still scared to even put his head under the water too much. But then something clicked for him, and all of a sudden he was practically swimming underwater. His “swimming” is more like lurching, but he’s doing great and once we got him some goggles this kid spends more time frolicking underwater than he does above water.  His newfound freedoms also involve being chucked high into the air by dad, and crashing down. Amazing, really. I never thought I’d see him do anything like that.

Parker too discovered the joys of floating around in his little swim ring, and eventually got brave enough to let Dad toss him around as well.  I think it’s been a good summer with lots of great memories made. I feel this heavy responsibility to make sure that my kids have fun memories to look back on when they’re grown up, and I’m happy that summers spent splashing around in scenic lakes will be among those.

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