A Special Mile Away Wedding | Lauren & Craig

It was nearly an entire year ago that Lauren first contacted me about shooting her wedding at the Mile Away in Milford, and we never had an actual meeting but she booked her date with me based on the work she saw on my website ….. and over the months that passed I didn’t know much about her and her fiance Craig, except for her Pinterest board that she’d shared with me. And I LOVED it. I knew she was the kind of bride I’m always looking for….. casual, rustic, stylish. And then one day a few months ago she messaged me and announced….. she was pregnant! So instantly this wedding became elevated to mega-celebration.  I love the idea of an expecting bride, and she certainly was so pretty, at just 6 months along.

A couple of weeks before the wedding I met Lauren and her mom in person at a Starbucks and instantly loved her. She’s so laid back, so natural, so chill…… I hugged her instantly, and I’m not even a totally huggy person (maybe it was the preggo belly… how can you not??) No expectations, no demands, just looking to beautifully document a happy day. The biggest surprise– a gender reveal wedding cake! This was planned far in advance and only a few people knew it was going to happen. What an awesome treat for them and their guests!

Their big day at the Mile Away had the most perfect weather, and the flowers were just gorgeous.

Mile Away Restaurant Wedding | Flowers by The Garden Party

mile away wedding garden party flowers

They had a beautiful first look in the gardens at the Mile Away, which left us lots of time to get the group shots done before the ceremony…. leaving more time to party afterwards!

mile away wedding photos

Lauren & Craig's Wedding at the Mile Away Restaurant

mile away wedding, milford NH

mile away wedding photos

Wedding Cake at the Mile Away Restaurant by Frederick's Pastries NH

The highlight of the evening was the gender reveal cake! Oh the suspense was so thick in that room, I can’t even tell you. Not even Lauren & Craig knew what they were having….. the verdict from the ultrasound went straight into a sealed envelope and delivered right to Frederick’s Pastries. The excitement was palatable. What a moment! It’s definitely something I will not forget, and I’m so happy I was there to see it.  These photos were taken within split seconds of each other….It’s a GIRL!!

gender reveal wedding cake at Mile Away Restaurant

gender reveal wedding cake

The dance party was rocking out thanks to DJ Mike “Ammo” Leclair, with tons of early 90s rap. Definitely brought back a lot of middle school memories for me!

mile away reception tent at night

The night ended with an awesome sparkler send-off!  Very fun, and made for some great photos.  For more information about that, see my post about 4 Tips for a Successful Sparkler Send-off.

mile away wedding sparklers send off

Mile Away Restaurant Wedding Sparkler Send Off

Congratulations, Lauren & Craig! I enjoyed every minute with you on your wedding day, and I wish you every bit of happiness and rest before the baby arrives!  🙂  I can’t wait to see pictures!

Ceremony & Reception Venue: Mile Away Restaurant, Milford NH
Flowers: The Garden Party, Milford NH
DJ: Mike “Ammo” Leclair
Cake: Frederick’s Pastries, Amherst NH
Wedding Gown: David’s Bridal
Hair/Makeup: Nu Look Hair & Body, Hudson NH (Meridith)
Maids’ Dresses: Modcloth


48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045