Manchester Restaurant Week 2011 | Hanover Street Chophouse | NH Food & Restaurant Photographer

Every fall Greater Manchester Restaurant Week is a highly anticipated time for me, and I make all kinds of notations on my calendar to make sure my husband and I are able to partake in a dinner out or two. I get so excited when the menus start appearing online and on the Facebook page. How to choose!?  I see it as a great opportunity to try out a restaurant that we normally might not visit.

Unfortunately this year we didn’t have a babysitter during that entire week, so bummed as I was, I enlisted the companionship of two of my friends who joined me for dinner out on October 18th–my birthday! Yes, my birthday (and wedding anniversary) usually falls during Restaurant week so that is yet another reason to go out to eat. 🙂 Like I need reasons!

My friends and I went to Hanover Street Chophouse for our dinner, because who could resist their amazing $29.95 prix fixe menu? This was a place I have long wanted to try so of course there is no better time than Restaurant Week to check some places off your list.  Our meal was fantastic, and most enjoyable.  I couldn’t resist snapping a few pics of each of my three courses as they arrived. Too beautiful not to!  Shown below are: HSC Classic Caesar, 12 oz Prime Rib, and Tiramisu.

Hanover Street Chophouse | Restaurant Week Manchester

Restaurant Week happens every year in October, so be sure to check it out next year! A similar event happens each April called Manchester Eats Week, so for those of us who are big fans of downtown Manchester dining, we don’t have to wait an entire year. 🙂

Erika Follansbee is a natural light food photographer in Goffstown, NH. She specializes in inviting, ambient photos of real menu items in a restaurant’s own unique environment.   The result is distinctive, compelling, and mouth watering.


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