Gone Baking Cupcakes | NH Food Photography

I’ve been following Gone Baking (you know, the cupcake van?!) on Facebook for awhile now, always hoping to have my daily schedule somehow align with her current location so I could fly over and try some of the cupcakes I’ve been hearing so much about. Today was my lucky day!  She was parked near the Manchester Farmer’s Market in the Firefly parking lot which was so easy for me to pop over and snag some.

Here are a few snapshots I whipped off before they got killed after supper tonight. My absolute favorite was the Gone Coconuts!

Manchester, NH Cupcake Photography

cupcake photos

Updated! I couldn’t resist and added a few more cupcakes from a 2nd trip a couple of weeks later.

NH cupcake truck


48 miles ave

Goffstown NH 03045