Product Options

I thought I would write this blog post to highlight some of the product options that families have when choosing their images. The product selection these days is amazingly creative, and I am registered with all of the major professional labs in the country, specializing in the most high-quality products available. There are so many opportunities for sharing, display, and flexibility out there that are not limited to photographic prints.

1.Gift Prints. Let’s start with the basics….. almost everyone wants at least a few prints because they’re easy to display, easy to give and share. My personal favorite way to display gift prints has always been Kohl’s and their selection of frames.  But I gotta tell you: eventually you run out of surfaces to display 5×7 and 8X10 frames on. But they are certainly great for the desk at work, and Grandma’s mantle.

2. Wall Prints. Wall prints are defined usually as anything larger than an 8×10. Today’s professional digital cameras have such amazing detail in every pixel that is lost on a computer screen.  The bigger the print, the more impressive the impact. I highly recommend a large print to display on a wall because they really do reveal so much detail and make such a happy memory because you see it every single day, without digging around in a closet to find that little print or album.  The downside to a large photographic print? You also have to spring for matting, and framing, and that can be really costly. Which leads me to my next product.

3. Canvas Gallery Wraps. There are no words that can explain the impact of a canvas wrap–they have to be seen to be believed. They have all of  the “wow factor” of a large photographic print, taken even further. They are printed directly on cotton canvas fabric, stretched across a wooden frame 1.5 inches deep, and come ready to hang right out of the box. No matting and framing needed, and that alone is a huge savings.  I guarantee you will receive glowing compliments from everyone who visits your home and admires such a work of art.  I have a couple of canvases myself, and they have gotten compliments from people who don’t usually notice such things. Size really matters with a canvas wrap, and although I offer sizes in 11X14 and 12×18, I really do not recommend purchasing a canvas smaller than 16×20. This is one product where truly, the bigger the better.

4. Albums. Modern portraiture is about storytelling. This is where the power of a session comes into play. Albums capture the feeling of today, your day, your session, your window of time. I have a variety of session albums which put this sequence together and enable you to own ALL of your photos in a way that individually purchased prints cannot, ranging from the most simple brag books to gorgeous 9X9 matted session albums covered in modern linen fabrics.

5. Accordion Albums. Mini accordions are a fantastic add-on product that every mom and grandma wants for her purse. These are 3″x3″ in size, but they open up to reveal a chain of images in a row, much like paper dolls. Held in place by thick covers with a magnetic closure that keep it shut, and tucked securely in a frosted cover, these are true conversation pieces that are sure to get attention. And they’re just so cute!

6. Digital Files.This is without a doubt the singular most valuable purchase option out of your session. When you purchase your high-resolution, archival digital files you get to keep it forever and make of your own unlimited prints, albums, Christmas cards and gifts, etc.  I offer a complete digital package which is all of your high-resolution custom edited digital files from your gallery, presented in a gorgeous custom CD case. I also offer individual digital files for purchase as an a la carte option, in a package of five, and some of my collections include various digital files along with prints. This is by far my personal favorite option, and ANY time I have photos taken of my own family I always purchase the digital files. It’s an absolute dealbreaker for me. I had one client make her own hardcover album through to remember the occasion of her daughter’s baptism, using her disk of high resolution files. The possibilities are endless!

Very often I get emails from potential clients who are looking for photos of their kids, and their family….. and that is all completely understandable and it’s what I’m here for! But what I don’t often hear is what my clients want after the session is over: specifically, what kind of products?  I think this is a really important thing to know, both for me, as well as the parent who is looking to purchase photo products from the session.  Almost always,  mothers tell me “I want some great photos of my child at xyz age/milestone,” and I can certainly do that all day long. But what I can’t answer is, what format exactly are you looking for? When you preview your images in your online gallery, how do you envision using them?

You’ve hired a custom photographer for a reason –use my expertise to really obtain the kinds of products and memories you’d like to purchase.