Just stand there! How to Stand for Photos

There can often be a sense of dread when a someone is going to take your picture, and they say “Ok, just go stand over there.” And you’re like, okkkkaaaaay, but what do I DO?  Here I’ll be explaining to you a couple of really simple tricks that can help you feel more confident in front of the camera.

Within 1 second you can go from a frumpy-dumpy grainsack (left) to actually elongating your body and visually erasing pounds.  My husband took these photos of me and instantly I could see the difference when I used some more flattering poses.

simple posing tips for women

1. Never stand squarely facing the camera.
Try to stand (and by stand, I mean your hips especially) at 45  to as much as 90 degrees as this will narrow your hips and waist instantly.  Even though I was standing at 45ish degrees in both of these photos, you can see that it did not help in the 1st photo. We still need some adjusting.

2. Your weight goes on the foot furthest from the camera.  
For women especially, you should never stand there with your weight equally on both feet because that’s just inviting gravity to pull everything downward. As we women know, gravity is NOT your friend. I always like for women to have one foot planted (the one in the back), and the weight will push your hip out away from the camera, which leaves your front leg more elongated. The  leg closest to the camera should be bent and the weight on that foot kept lightly touching the ground in some way.

3. What do I do with my hands?
This is a very common source of awkwardness because people just don’t know where to put their hands. For women, a great thing is just to place one hand lightly on your hip. This conveys a feeling of confidence, and it makes a nice line away from your torso that emphasizes your waist. You can let a hand gently rest on something close to you, as my hand was on the post of this arbor. Note on the left, I had a heavy grip on it, which just adds to a feeling of weight, but on the right, my hand was placed very gently and looks more lightweight. Hands should always look light and relaxed, never heavy or gripped. Finally, there is nothing wrong with just letting one hand hang down by your side.  Just one hand, though, not both hanging limply at your side.

I hope these really simple tips can help you next time you find yourself in a quick snapshot. Feel free to share or  “like” this post,  or pin to Pinterest if you think it might help someone else too!

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