A Quiet Night at Molly’s Tavern | New Boston, NH

My mother was in town visiting us from North Carolina so on her last night here we wanted to go out to eat. I had taken her to Republic and Queen City Cupcakes for lunch earlier in the week, so I wanted to go to another local place (as I generally always try to avoid chain restaurants unless it’s for quick takeout).  I realized I had never been to the Molly Stark Tavern in New Boston, in its current incarnation as Molly’s Tavern and Restaurant.  Very festive in their holiday decorations and lights!

photo of Molly's Tavern at night | New Boston, NH

We got there, and it was mostly empty so the guy that seated us was nice enough to let us choose anywhere we wanted: the main floor, the cozy upstairs almost in the rafters, or down in the “Goat Room” in the lower level ex-barn. That’s where I chose because of this cool sign:
The menu was very casual and I found lots of things I wanted to try, but I settled on the fish tacos and my mom got the meatloaf (hello! bacon-wrapped!!). It was all very enjoyable, except probably for the iced tea, which was weak instant Nestea. Believe me, if you give instant tea to two women from North Carolina we will notice it in exactly the very first sip. But I can easily overlook that since that is definitely not the first time I’ve run into that in New Hampshire.This is a place that brings out a dessert tray! Exciting!  They get their desserts from Just Like Mom’s Pastries in Weare which I am already very familiar with since she has done my kids’ past birthday cakes for several years.  I got the Tiramisu cake, Mom got the chocolate, and I loved the way they dressed up the desserts with a little plate art. Very cool.
All in all, it was an enjoyable and quiet evening with good food in a unique, historic setting supporting a local business. What else do you need?