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Wouldn’t these beautiful pink glittery shoes be amazing underneath a wedding dress?  I’m doing my own boudoir session in 2013 so I picked up these lovely heels for a song on Black Friday.  And I got to thinking how pretty they would be as bridal shoes also….. they photograph beautifully!

Rampage Tangela, Rose Gold

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It’s no secret that I love to travel. I’m always trying to figure out the next time I can get out of town and see something new, and more specifically try some new restaurants!  My recent trip to West Jefferson, North Carolina was a wonderful opportunity to head home and revisit some small NC mountain town culture. It’s been a long time since I was there. Any time I go someplace new, usually the first thing I do is check Trip Advisor to see what’s good.  A couple of gems that turned up were Smoky Mountain BBQ, which I went to my first night there, and then the 2nd night there I hit up Brickstone Pizza & Pasta, another highly rated option.

I don’t know that I would call it a “gem”, as the food was good but the service was a little weird. Not bad, but just weird. Still, after hours of shooting a wedding all day long, a great supper sitting down and taking the pressure off of my feet which were cramping up inside my shoes was a welcome rest. I love places like this, in old buildings with old-fashioned designs that make you wonder if it’s up to code, and a nice menu…’s always 100% better than any run of the mill cookie cutter chain restaurant you find in suburbia.

Brickstone Pizza & Pasta | West Jefferson, NC

Erika Follansbee is a natural light food photographer in Goffstown, NH. She specializes in inviting, ambient photos of real menu items in a restaurant’s own unique environment.   The result is distinctive, compelling, and mouth watering.

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To say that Manchester has welcomed Planet Marshmallow is kind of an understatement. They have pretty much exploded in popularity in the short time they’ve been open, and their gourmet marshmallows are found in fine stores all over the state, along with a successful mail order business, and plans for world domination coming soon.   I was thrilled when owner Heather invited me to come out and do some new photos of their marshmallows and desserts back in July.

As usual, all of these shots were done on location inside the cafe, using 100% natural and available light.  Thanks for looking!

Planet Marshmallow | Manchester NH

I just could not get enough of this coconut cake. It was the perfect “model” for me, and picked up the light so beautifully. I would be lying if I said the thought of grabbing a fork and helping myself didn’t cross my mind. A couple of times.

Hot cocoa with mint chocolate chip marshmallows floating on top…… with freshly baked brownies…..  you’re welcome.
Can’t get enough? For more shots from Planet Marshmallow, please view my previous post from my first visit there back in May 2012 (think: hot fudge sundae and peanut butter pie!)
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I am so over the moon to announce that Erika Follansbee Photography has been featured in a nationally published (not to mention gorgeous) magazine! I debated whether to just play it all cool and say something like “oh look. I kinda forgot about this shoot, but it’s in the Nov/Dec issue of Imbibe magazine.” No way. I’ve been sweating this thing out since I went out to Smuttynose in Portsmouth to shoot this piece back in August.  It’s been a long time to sit on this secret, but I’m so happy that the issue is out and I can share.  Imbibe is a really cool publication focusing on “liquid culture” throughout the USA.

The guys at Smuttynose were so fun to work with, and so laid back and up for anything. I enjoyed shooting David Yarrington, Director of Brewing Operations, and Greg Blanchard, Head Brewer, all under the watchful coordination of JT Thompson, Minister of Propoganda (love that title!) and also a fellow North Carolina native! It’s always great to run into NC peeps in such faraway places as this. I even met the most gorgeous office dog, Myrtle. Later on, after the fact, I realized she might be of some relation (or at least a lookalike) to THE Old Brown Dog.  Yeah. I’m a little slow on the uptake. Still, she was one beautiful dog and she wagged her tail with her whole body, SO cute.

Thanks so much to the folks at Imbibe for the wonderful opportunity! Such an honor!

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