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Planet Marshmallow | Manchester Food & Restaurant Photographer

This past Saturday I got to visit Planet Marshmallow on Hanover Street for the first time. Well, technically my first time there was at the Hippo de Mayo Taco Tour….. me and about 1400 of my closest friends. 🙂 But my actual first time checking it out as a relaxed customer eager to get my dessert…


Mother’s Day | May Blog Circle | NH Photographers

Welcome to another round of our monthly blog theme, brought to you by some of New Hampshire’s custom portrait photographers. In April we explored an Earth Day theme, and this month we take a look at Mother’s Day for our theme. I enjoyed Mother’s Day yesterday since we weren’t able to do it on Sunday….

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  • Jenn - Love the food photos! That ice cream looks so good! Yum! 🙂ReplyCancel

The end of the road?

This is about to get real personal…. I need help. I’m thinking of closing up shop due to complete and utter lack of interest. After mid-June I have NO  more bookings or interest for the rest of the year. No inquiries, nothing scheduled, just the sound of crickets…..  This is the time of year when…

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  • Brooke - I got nervous butterflies in my tummy for you, reading this. I love your talent and I can’t believe that closing is even on the horizon for you.

    I have no expertise in the area of marketing but is there some kind of photo competition out there that would get you some more advertising? Building a community on Facebook? Going to a wedding show? Getting some of your photos in magazines? Or some of the events you have photographed on an event planning blog? I read an event planners blog here in Australia and I’m always enjoying finding new businesses that she links to.

    Wishing you only the best and you know if you were in Australia you would be taking my family’s photos!ReplyCancel

Hippo de Mayo 2012 | Manchester Taco Tour | NH Food & Restaurant Photographer

The 2012 Hippo de Mayo Taco Challenge was a great success, with a huge turnout, 30+ tacos to enjoy, faster lines, and we even squeaked by with some good weather. Thousands of people came to downtown Manchester with cash in their pockets to indulge in $2 tacos of all kinds.  I was thrilled this year…