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This past Saturday I got to visit Planet Marshmallow on Hanover Street for the first time. Well, technically my first time there was at the Hippo de Mayo Taco Tour….. me and about 1400 of my closest friends. 🙂 But my actual first time checking it out as a relaxed customer eager to get my dessert on was this weekend, actually for a Mother’s Day treat.

We sat down and were handed our menus….. whole menu of desserts. Really cool things like make-your-own-smores, and homemade marshmallow samplers, ice cream concoctions, cakes and pies. Coulda died.  We ordered the Peanut Butter Pie and the Hot Fudge Sundae. Both of which were amazing and chock-full of high quality ingredients which I could really taste in every layer.  Here are a few snapshots that I took right from our table…. such beautiful light that evening!  And don’t you just love those twinkle lights in the background?

Planet Marshmallow | Manchester NHNH Food & Restaurant PhotographyPlanet Marshmallow | NH Food PhotographyNatural Light Food Photography | NH

I may or may not have polished off my sundae, and then devoured the remaining half of my husband’s peanut butter pie. He apparently became “full.” Not sure what that means??  I for one think Planet Marshmallow is a fantastic, fun addition to the Downtown Manchester scene, and I can’t wait to stop by another time and try some more beautiful desserts!

Be sure to check out a more recent post about Planet Marshmallow and a commercial photo shoot I did for them, with even more amazing treats.

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Welcome to another round of our monthly blog theme, brought to you by some of New Hampshire’s custom portrait photographers. In April we explored an Earth Day theme, and this month we take a look at Mother’s Day for our theme.

I enjoyed Mother’s Day yesterday since we weren’t able to do it on Sunday. I got to spend the afternoon by myself, went to Chipotle for lunch, then to the movies to see Dark Shadows…… and lastly enjoyed an early dinner with Dave at Firefly, and dessert at Planet Marshmallow! It was a very nice day. When we got home I even had some time to get a few pictures of Parker which I’ve been trying to do for a week now, since his 3rd birthday was just last week. Trying to be a good photographer momma and do a little session for him.


Next, visit Thea at Authentic Eye and see what she has in store for Mother’s Day!

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  • Jenn - Love the food photos! That ice cream looks so good! Yum! 🙂ReplyCancel

This is about to get real personal…. I need help. I’m thinking of closing up shop due to complete and utter lack of interest. After mid-June I have NO  more bookings or interest for the rest of the year. No inquiries, nothing scheduled, just the sound of crickets…..  This is the time of year when session bookings should be rolling in and yet there is nothing.  I can’t keep going if I’m not making any money. The math is simple.  I’m all paid up through the end of the year in terms of my LLC with the state of NH, but soon my small business insurance will be up for renewal and I seriously have no reason to pay the premiums again.  I just don’t know what to do.

I hate to fail, I hate to quit, and most of all I hate to give up on a dream. I thought I was better than this… I thought I could push hard enough.  It makes me sick to think of walking away from all the hours every day that I put into educating myself, studying my Google analytics, learning to be better business person and photographer, and to have it not work out in such a humilitating way.

But, there it is. Business is business and numbers don’t lie. Photographers who are good at what they do have clients. And this has been a big wake-up call to me as far as what I do and my level of skill and talent at this time, and exactly what a complete lack of interest really means.  I wanted to do weddings and really show people what an eye for storytelling I have. I wanted to showcase local restaurants and beautiful food in this area and help small businesses succeed. I’m an incredibly hard worker, a perfectionist, I always give more than I promise, and priced myself much lower than what my time is worth. But none of that has been enough.

If any of you out there have any ideas for me, I’d love to hear them. I can’t afford advertising with no money coming in, so it’s kind of become a Catch-22.

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  • Brooke - I got nervous butterflies in my tummy for you, reading this. I love your talent and I can’t believe that closing is even on the horizon for you.

    I have no expertise in the area of marketing but is there some kind of photo competition out there that would get you some more advertising? Building a community on Facebook? Going to a wedding show? Getting some of your photos in magazines? Or some of the events you have photographed on an event planning blog? I read an event planners blog here in Australia and I’m always enjoying finding new businesses that she links to.

    Wishing you only the best and you know if you were in Australia you would be taking my family’s photos!ReplyCancel

The 2012 Hippo de Mayo Taco Challenge was a great success, with a huge turnout, 30+ tacos to enjoy, faster lines, and we even squeaked by with some good weather. Thousands of people came to downtown Manchester with cash in their pockets to indulge in $2 tacos of all kinds.  I was thrilled this year to be asked by The Hippo to photograph the event, and capture all those delicious tacos. Pretty much the best job ever? You bet.

36 DeLux received a runner-up nod from the Taco Judges for their chocolately dessert taco.

Hippo de Mayo | Taco Tour

Planet Marshmallow was a newcomer this year to downtown,  but knocked it out the park with their ice cream dessert taco, and reportedly the longest lines of the night, and securing the Judges’ Choice win and $1000 for the charity of their choice, Pacer’s National Bullying Prevention Center.  These kids were working so hard, trying to keep that line moving.

Hippo de Mayo | Taco Tour | Planet MarshmallowHippo de Mayo | Taco Tour 2012

One of my favorite stops is El Rincon Zacatecano. These ladies are always so hospitable, so friendly, and so casual that you feel like you’re at your mom’s house when you go. I always feel completely taken care of and appreciated when I go there, part of a big happy family. It was one of my last stops of the night and I was honestly so tired I was going to skip it, but I knew I just HAD to stop by, with just about 30 minutes left in the evening.  I enjoyed one of their delicious tacos pastor and was impressed as always at the completely homemade taste of it, with thoughtful touches of fresh lime and radishes.  It tastes like love. ♥  Upon leaving, I shyly asked them if there was anything that they’d like me to take a picture of before I went, and one of the ladies beamed and said, “Us!” and pulled the entire staff together. Such a lovely, hardworking and happy group of women and I’m proud to have taken their photo that night.

Manchester NH Authentic Mexican Restaurant

Two of the tacos had a buffalo theme…. but they couldn’t have been more different. Red Arrow Diner (of Triple D fame) featured a BBQ Buffalo Pulled Pork Taco (with blue cheese dressing!), while The Wild Rover shook it up with their Fried Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese taco. Both were excellent.

Firefly featured the only build-your-own taco bar of the night, with their Bacon Cheeseburger Taco. You had me at bacon!

Hooked and Ignite also had an impressive line for some of the evening with their Hooked on Taco.

Hippo de Mayo | Taco Tour 2012Hippo de Mayo | Taco Tour 2012

Big thanks to The Hippo for noticing my work, and appreciating my all-encompassing love for all things taco and Mexican, street food, and celebrating local restaurants.  All of my favorite worlds collide in gigs like this so I have to say Muchas Gracias!

For more of my images from the Taco Tour, check out the year that started it all, the very first annual 2011 Hippo de Mayo.  And be sure to check out more professional photos from Planet Marshmallow too.

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