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Welcome to Round 2 of our winter-long series of blog projects, brought to you by New Hampshire’s custom portrait photographers. A group of us have gotten together to form a blog circle with a monthly theme that you can follow by clicking the link at the end of each post, and click through the entire circle of participating bloggers.  Last month we had great success with our Day in the Life Project.  This month we’re up to 10 bloggers, and the theme is “What Love Looks Like” and was to be interpreted in 3-5 photos.

Yes, I went there and did the obvious thing. Kids.  It’s hard when your life is confined to the same four walls every day to think outside the box very much. People keep telling me it will get better, but that time hasn’t come yet.  In the meantime, you’ll have to keep looking at my kids.  🙂

This is what love looks like:  our home and our lives have become the scene of daily occupational and speech therapy and special ed preschool for our 4 year old autistic son Drew. Every day is a scheduled, sensory-regulated experiment in finding balance between a normal childhood & family life and finding ways to take the edge off of normal experiences that may be too overstimulating/understimulating/loud/tiring, etc  resulting in sensory overload or as they call it in the OT world “disregulation”. Weekly therapists are worth every penny, and seeing our son become more independent, communicative, confident, making relationships and building strength, balance, and coordination… priceless.

This is what love looks like:  enjoying our completely typically developing 2 year old Parker (nevermind his current Dumb & Dumber hairdo–needs a haircut!) and enjoying every minute of his totally normal life. I love that he uses words like “volcano,” “disappeared,” “delicious,” and tells me with complete solemnity that “it’s just a picture” while looking at a spider in a book.

This is what love looks like: My two boys, right here, right now.  They’re only two and four, but we’ve already been through so much with them that photos like this just make me stop and think and go, “Wow.”  We don’t know what the future holds for them, either individually or together, but we hope that we continue to make the right decisions and get them whatever they need. Wings and roots…. yadda yadda…..all that good stuff. 🙂

To continue following the blog trail, head up north to scenic Wolfeboro and visit Jennifer Combes of Sunflower Studios to see how she interpreted this month’s theme.

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  • Michelle Heath - Wonderful post Erika!

    “People keep telling me it will get better, but that time hasn’t come yet”

    You could post about those two handsome boys every day and I would come back and read and swoon over them all 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Carey Hough | NH Photographer - Erika – your boys are absolutely precious and adorable! You can feel that maternal love shooting, beaming out of these photos! I absolutely adore your captures…and am wishing you guys all the best!ReplyCancel

  • Steph - Adorable, adorable, adorable! Love them, and love that you focused your love post on two of the greatest loves of your life…ReplyCancel

  • Jen - Erika, These pictures really show what love is all about. Your children are adorable and you seem like an amazing mother! I love that their personalities radiate through these images. Happy Valentines day!ReplyCancel

  • Barbara via Facebook - This is just the best!ReplyCancel

  • Kristen - Erika- As they say with children, the days are long, but the years are short. Thank you for taking the time to document that worthy and self-sacrificing work that you do day-in and day-out….If you are ready for a good cry, check out (I will be revisiting this around Mothers’ Day).ReplyCancel

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On this particular day that my son didn’t take his nap, I felt it was a great afternoon to make the quick ride downtown and get some Queen City Cupcakes…. before they sold out for the day, which they always do.  I love that smell of relentless baking that hits your face as soon as you open the door to the place. Today I came away with: Peanut Butter Cup, S’mores, Raspberry, and Sugar Cookie.

Manchester NH Food PhotographerPastry Photography Southern NH

Queen City Cupcakes Manchester NHManchester NH Food Photographer

Photographers are resourceful people. If you want to know my setup for these shots, it was an old cork bulletin board found in the basement laid on top of the cat tree, and covered with a white tablecloth. Also included in the mix was my two year old underneath shaking the cat tree, and pretty soon into the whole thing, one of my cats jumping on TOP OF the entire thing, spilling the cake pedestal and tipping all the cupcakes over into the window. I kid you not.

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I confess that I’m in my 34th year on this planet and I’ve never tried sushi. But lately for some reason I’ve felt the overwhelming compulsion to give it a whirl, especially when I consider that so many people I know do enjoy it. What am I missing?  I’m definitely a heavily sauced and cheesy kind of Mexican food girl, so the thought of swanky low-fat veggie-and-fish-laden sushi never appealed to me much (what can I say?).  I could never deny how beautiful it is, though!

My friend Candy volunteered to indoctrinate me into the ways of sushi, so we met tonight at Chen’s in Manchester. I admit I was not really feeling up to it, being on Day 4 of the residual effects of a stomach bug that has decimated my entire family. I thought this whole adventure might have some unfortunate consequences, but I decided to power through anyway.

Mai Tai and Lo Mein at Chen's Garden

My foray into sushi started with the nice & safe California roll! It was beautiful, I have to admit. But it was not for me. Unfortunately I did not like it much, but I gave it an honest try and ate two pieces out of my order. I could have seriously stopped at just one though.  Candy had been wise enough to suggest that I order something Chinese as well for a backup plan. Good thing she did! So I enjoyed my pork lo mein and Mai Tai and didn’t have to go hungry. 🙂

California Roll from Chen's Garden Manchester NH

california roll Chen's Garden sushi restaurant


Regardless of what we ate (or didn’t), it was a wonderful night out with my friend Candy and I hope we can do it again soon. 🙂  It’s nice to go out with an adult and enjoy some quiet time.


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  • Susan via Facebook - You are a brave soul and have a very wise friend. I am no where near that adventurous that’s why it amazes me that Becca is. She will go with sushi (I think-though maybe not the raw fish type), Thai, Indian, Moroccan, Korean, pretty much anything at least once.ReplyCancel

  • Claire via Facebook - Aww, sorry you didn’t like it. Good for you for trying though. ReplyCancel

  • Christina - Now we need a night out for Mexican!ReplyCancel