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Valentine’s Day at the Black Forest Cafe | NH Food Photographer

Bringing home a huge bag full of The Black Forest Cafe’s Valentine’s Day products like cupcakes, pastries, decorated cookies, and brownies ….. yeah, I’ve had worse days.  This shoot was not only beautiful eye candy for me, but it was also some good color therapy too. As a mom of two little boys there is not a scrap of…

  • Martha - I always love to see what you do on your blog with photos of our stuff! It is just beautiful-as Bruce says, it tells a story. Very cool. My eyes soak in the color when real life is so drab these days. As always Erika a beautiful job!ReplyCancel

  • Candy - Erika, you are so inspiring! I could look at your work all day! I can’t wait until I have another “event” for you to work your magic on!ReplyCancel

Marketing Postcards | Goffstown Commercial Photographer

 Yippeee!  I’ve just mailed out my first round of advertising postcards. This photo does not do them justice, they are gorgeous. I wanted something really beautiful, vibrant, and eyecatching, and these 5×7 flat press cards printed on pearl paper are just stunning. They killed me when I opened the box (and even the hubs was impressed)….

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  • Candy - That shot of Amigo’s makes me want to go right now! It’s very romantic and inviting.ReplyCancel

Headshots | Goffstown Portrait Photographer

When I think “headshot”, I think of something that occurs in a dark studio, where you perch yourself on a little stool that winds up and down to adjust height, and you’re peering out of a tunnel of light umbrellas and reflectors. I had a studio headshot done a few years ago for a scrapbooking…

2010 Favorites | Manchester Family Photographer

I thought it would be neat to do a year-end rewind and revisit my sessions from 2010. I had a really hard time choosing  just one favorite from each.  But in the end, here are the ones that made the cut. See if your favorites are here as well!  In no particular order, here they…

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  • Kristen R. - Erika- looks like you have had an amazing year! I am a local fan (from central NH) of your style….looking forward to more inspiration from you in 2011!