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Selective Color | Using Photoshop Tastefully

I wanted to talk for a minute about selective color…….  not for any particular reason other than it’s my blog and I can. 🙂  Remember…. when you hire a photographer you’re hiring a real person who has their own opinions and preferences and tastes, and most likely you’re hiring them because you feel that their…


A diptych is a grouping of two photos, side by side, which tell a more complete story than one single photo can on its own. Fancy word, yes?  But the concept is simple. Why use one photo when two is twice as nice? I LOVE diptychs and I often use them on my blog to…

A Taste of Downtown Manchester 2010

Wahoo! Dave and I went to the Taste of Downtown yesterday evening, finally!  We have known about it for like 4 years now and were never able to go. Thanks to Grammie for babysitting!  It’s a really cool event that they hold downtown where they take 25 shops and pair them with 25 downtown restaurants….